Thursday, March 10, 2005

School Board Urged Not To Censor Students

Now, if it had just been the One Parent, asking to remove a book from the library, the School Board would have bent over backwards. Oooops, nope, bend over backwards might imply something that would upset some people.

"Mar 10, 2005 -- The majority among a dozen speakers at Tuesday night’s Loudoun County School Board meeting said they supported greater tolerance of homosexuality and opposed censorship of school plays. However, the majority of the school board members voiced opinions indicating they favored greater control over content.

Loudoun School Board Chairman John A. Andrews (Potomac) thanked all of the speakers for the civility they displayed in debating a subject that emerged in the wake of last month’s mini play Offsides performed last month as part of a montage called Postcards From Paradise at Stone Bridge High involving the topic of homosexuality and an implied kiss between two boys."

Leesburg Today