Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Newberry Award winner stays in the classroom.

Jenne over at LisNews posted this article.

"Despite parent concerns, Blue Springs eighth graders will continue to read "The Giver" as part of their curriculum.

The Blue Springs Board of Education unanimously voted to keep "The Giver" on the district's approved reading list Monday. Board member Dale Walkup was absent because of elective surgery earlier in the day.

"After taking time to reread the book and discuss it with patrons of the district, I feel this is a good book for our students to read," he said. "The last chapter of the book shows Jonas fighting to break the cycle, and showing that it is wrong. The message is not about suicide or euthanasia, but about demonstrating to students that the government can't control us."

Rest of the article: The Examiner (Jackson County, Missouri)

Note, parents could have their children opt-out of reading this. But, of course, that isn't good enough for some.