Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Free Markets vs. Free Speech; case study #1

I've mentioned before, and I'll mention again, that I have heard from various quarters that Capitalism (or Free Markets) is synonomous with Free Speech. That Free Speech, and freedom in general, thrive and would have a hard time existing without Capitalism. I don't think that is necessarily true, and there are often indications that Free Speech can be stifled by the Capitalist impulse. So, I'm going to post, sporadically, examples that contradict that premise. It is totally one-sided, unfair, and is most certainly not a comprehensive study. But, it should be entertaining.

"Censor parody was cut in 2nd airing

NEW YORK - A racy ad for a vendor of Web site names was pulled at the last minute from a second showing during the Super Bowl telecast on Sunday after NFL executives objected that the spot made light of Janet Jackson's ``wardrobe malfunction'' incident in last year's halftime show."

Boston Herald

NO! They MOCKED the Janet Jackson "wardrobe malfunction"? God knows, we don't need THAT.