Thursday, February 03, 2005

Burn baby burn

So, lets see, giving the books to a parent to burn isn't censorship, it is "sponsorship". Oh, of course, he didn't read the book either. You wouldn't want to make an informed decision before your burn the book. Right. And those poor German SA Brownshirts were just cold in 1933, and there wasn't any wood handy to burn.

"It's less a matter of censorship than a matter of sponsorship. That's not the kind of garbage I want to sponsor at this high school," Conder said yesterday.

Conder — who hasn't read the entire book — gave more than two dozen copies of Bless Me, Ultima to a parent to destroy. The teacher who ordered the book has apologized in a letter to parents and won't be disciplined, he said."

See... he's not such a bad guy, he won't discipline the teacher.


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