Thursday, January 27, 2005

Return of the "Sex Closet"?

Back in the day, some libraries, if they had any, would keep their books locked up in a "sex closet" to keep the weak minded from falling prey to over stimulation. Over the years, along with the buns, we've loosened things up a bit. Not enough, in my opinion, but we've certainly been making progress. Now, in Houston, we may be seeing movement back to hiding sex. What on earth is so wrong with sex that we are afraid of it and we feel the need to hide it? We have all of Ann Rule's books on the shelves describing, in gory detail, the actions of socio- and psychopaths. But, we can't keep a book on the shelf that talks about sex. Go figure.

"Porn queen Jenna Jameson calls her autobiography a "cautionary tale," and Mayor Bill White is taking precautions about making it available to Houston library patrons.

White recently ordered that the library's dozen copies of Jameson's best-selling How to Make Love Like a Porn Star: A Cautionary Tale be removed from open shelves.

In making his decision, White sidestepped the committee process that Houston's libraries typically use to evaluate complaints about items in their collections."

Houston Chronicle