Thursday, January 27, 2005

Maybe campuses aren't as liberal as we thought

This little tidbit comes from the Daily Texan. My favorite part is where he accuses David Horowitz of being the ringleader of a campus Jihad. I wonder if the old insults that Conservatives are Nazis and Liberals are Communists will be replaced with a new paradigm: Jihadists. At least it will be fair if both sides accuse each other of being Jihadists, and certainly simplifies the process of insulting the other side.

"Arch-conservative activist and faux scholar David Horowitz is the ringleader of the campus jihad. For years, he has been calling attention to the modern plague of radical leftism in universities, but now, with the decline of leftist boogeymen in the halls of power, Republicans are starting to listen up."

The Daily Texan