Saturday, January 29, 2005

The DC Mayor and portests.

Yeah, we wouldn't want any "unplanned demonstrations".

"WASHINGTON, D.C. – The First Amendment Rights and Police Standards Act of 2004, an ordinance the City Council passed handily in December with a 12-1 vote, will go to Congress without the endorsement of D.C. Mayor Anthony Williams, who declined on Wednesday to sign the bill after it was forwarded to him on Jan. 7.

The move, his spokeswoman said, was meant "to put on record the mayor's opposition to elements of the bill that he would like fixed."

The bill, authored by Councilwoman Kathy Patterson, was written in response to arrests at street demonstrations surrounding the September 2002 International Monetary Fund/World Bank meetings. The police department later admitted the arrests, which included some student journalists, were "improper." The arrests led to litigation that has cost the city approximately half a million dollars. One lawsuit was settled with the city this week for $425,000; another class-action suit involving approximately 400 protesters and bystanders is ongoing."

Click on link for rest of the story: Student Press Law Center