Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Here's a confession I must make: Ich bin ein American

The Herald - November 3 2004

This is a very interesting perspective from a Scottish journalist. Some of my favorite lines:

"George W Bush has alienated much of the world by his belligerent response to 9/11 and even America's closest friends were appalled by the election campaign, the dirtiest in memory. It was politics as horror-show – a cynical billion-dollar grudge match played with all the sincerity and integrity of WWF wrestling."

"Similarly, the freedom given to capital to influence the outcome of elections has been rightly denounced as democracy-for-sale. But in a free country it is very hard to stop people first of all acquiring money and then using it to project political or moral views. We don't complain when the former banker, George Soros, uses his billions to oppose war and promote environmentalism."