Sunday, October 31, 2004

This Canadian is puzzled at Americans' laziness toward freedom's responsibilities 29th

Our friend from the North has some pretty good observations. It is a shame that he can't vote ;)

"I know there are millions of Americans who haven't given up on the dream of a nation founded on the power of reason, one that finds strength in diversity, one that welcomes the input of both filmmaker Michael Moore and Vice President Dick Cheney."


"For example, why must any serious candidate for the office of president pledge allegiance, not just to the flag, but to a Christian God?"


"There are no simple solutions, or even simple questions, when it comes to freedom. Sorting through them requires a great deal of effort and patience. Sadly, too many Americans don't even bother. They have chosen a simpler vision of good and evil handed down from the pulpit and talk radio, one in which you're either for us or against us. Half the nation shares this delusion, and the result is a nation divided."