Sunday, October 03, 2004

Ms. Valdez at the Arizona Republic

I just sent the following email to Linda Valdez at the Arizona Republic about the commentary that I just posted today. We'll see if we get a response. If I do, I'll be happy to share with ALL of you. LOL... if there is anyone that reads this other than me. Oh.. if you wish to send her your own email, supportive, or critical, it's up to you, I've included her email.

Ms. Valdez;
I was under the assumption that people who worked in the Newspaper field were staunch defenders of Free Speech Rights, and understood the dangers of supressing speech. Of course we all know what happens when we assume. I'm just trying to figure out which one of us is the bigger ass. I know which way I'm leaning.

Terms like "smut" and "pornography" are very descriptive, and, in many cases, virtually useless. A fact I'm sure you know. As a librarian, I can attest to the various definitions of both those words. In fact, I've seen where Brave New World was called pornography. I'm guessing that throwing the baby out with the bathwater is not much of a problem for you?

You have a vision of what sex should be like. I applaud you for that. But instead of trying to convince people that you are right, you are simply willing to argue that yours is the only voice that should be heard in the debate. Doesn't that frighten you just a little bit? Doesn't it make you stop and wonder why your values and beliefs should take precedence over the values and beliefs of others? If it doesn't, that frightens me more than just a little bit.

Were you aware that not all pornography is about degrading sex? I realize that inserting some nuance and consideration into this debate doesn't sell papers. I realize that taking a close look at the issue of "pornography" and "smut" isn't as sexy as railing against it. That would involve sensitivity and and open mind, which, again, probably doesn't sell papers in a society that prefers red meat and Roman circuses. Perhaps you're part of the problem? Just a thought.

Oh.. and finally... as to your comment, "But can't they just go back to shushing people?" Why yes we can, and I'll be happy to, when women stop thinking about having a career of their own and just go back to having babies and staying in the kitchen.