Monday, October 04, 2004

Internet Distribution of CDs

I was taking a look at Lawrence Lessig's blog, and came across this discussion of internet distribution of CDs. Which, according to the information provided, could provide great revenues for record companies at potentially cheaper prices for the consumer. As a librarian, I do have a couple of questions as to how that could work for us. If the record companies deliver their CDs primarily by internet, would they still provide "hard" copies of CDs? And, if they did, wouldn't that mean an increased price for CDs (the physical ones). OR... would libraries download the CD and burn their own? That actually might work. One very real question would be, those consumers that can't afford a computer and an internet connection, wouldn't they potentially be the losers under such a scenario? I'm posting a comment on Lessig's blog, and hopefully some concern has been, or will be, considered.

Lawrence Lessig's Blog