Monday, October 11, 2004

Due Process and War

SHUSH - for the conservative librarian

Greg, at Shush, made the following comment:

"Kerry's talk about the Patriot Act was lame, complaining about someone who had been in jail for 8 months without a lawyer. We're at war, I'm not feeling all that sympathetic."

So, I'm sending him the following email... I'll post any reply I might receive.


I realize you don't feel sympathetic about someone not being able to see a lawyer for eight months, but I'm somewhat curious about something. Where, in the Constitution, do you find that due process can be suspended in a time of war? Do you honestly believe that the Constitution and the Bill of Rights have no relevance in a time of war? Has everything changed so much since September 11th, in your mind, that we can no longer act as a free people, but must, instead, give up rights that men and women have died protecting?