Saturday, October 30, 2004

Censorship by a thousand cuts

- School Library Journal - Censorship Roundup

We can lose our freedoms just as surely drop by drop. A thousand little acts of censorship diminishes are freedoms as much as one huge act.

"Middle school students may have trouble finding copies of One Fat Summer (Harper & Row, 1977) by Robert Lipsyte. The coming-of-age novel was pulled from the local schools' display at the Ansonia Public Library, following a parental complaint about the book's content"

"...a local patron at the central branch of the Davis County Library found all the swear words crossed out in five of the 10 titles of the series, Murder, She Wrote (Signet) by Jessica Fletcher..."

"The Montgomery Memorial Library System (MMLS) recently received at least 20 challenges to young adult gay fiction with positive themes."

In the last instance, the MMLS library Director, Jerilynn A. Williams, "received intimidating phone calls at home and had the air let out of her car tires."