Sunday, August 01, 2004


I watched Outfoxed on DVD the other night. Most certainly is not a great... well, I don't know what I would call it. It's not really a documentary, but more of a propaganda piece. It is very unapologetically left wing. Which is fine by me. If you're either a big fan of Fox, or a Republican, you are not going to find much cheer in this film. It is a tad, just a tad, one sided, and is clearly designed to encourage the troops: feed 'em a little red meat, and then point 'em in the Right direction.

Having said that, there is some good you can glean from Outfoxed. I think it raises some very good questions, although not new, about the conflict between Corporate concern with the bottom line, and the role of an unfettered Journalism Corp (necessary in a democracy for an informed citizenry). Too much concern for profit can change the News into just one more entertainment program. The focus was on Fox (portrayed as the Network of Darkness and Evil), but a few oblique comments intimated that the others are not far behind.